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Dana White Drops A Video Dunking On All Of The Media Members Who Criticized Him This Year

Say what you want about Dana White, but don't say he doesn't hold a solid grudge! 

Releasing a video like this is exactly why I compare Dana White to Dave Portnoy so often. They don't forget what their enemies say about em, and they ALLLWAYS pull the receipts.

I'm sure the media (especially those named and singled out) will call Dana the Devil for putting this out and "punching down" on them, but some of their quotes are kinda insane in retrospect, are they not?! Like when they talk about Dana just lining his pockets regardless of consequences and not giving a shit about the health/safety of his fighters? Obviously these people don't know Dana White or the inner workings of the UFC enough to make claims like that, so yeah, I think that'd piss me off too. 

After the year of success the UFC has had, I'm lettin Dana take this victory lap. I'm sure you'll all say, "DUHH, you're the biggest Dana White nuthugger on the planet!", in response to that, but hey - guess who didn't get their mug plastered on the internet like they were apart of an international crime syndicate today?!

See what I'm sayin?

Thanks for all the pageviews this year, Uncle Dana!