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A Canadian Getting Arrested For Playing Pond Hockey Is Truly A Sign That The Apocalypse Is Near

Okay so before we get started here, let me just quickly mention that everybody in this video sucks. The cops suck, the kid getting arrested sucks, the dorks who show up at the end suck. From start to finish, this video is filled with some of the most unlikable people on the planet. 

With that being said...well I just never thought we'd live to see the day where lacing up the skates and getting a quick sesh on the ODR would be illegal in Canada. Like I'm sorry, officer, but the boys are buzzin out there. Schultzy is snappin' off some premium sauce, Fitzy's dangles are on full Datsyuk mode, and Jonesy's lettuce is looking like a Pantene commercial flowing through the wind. You really think the boys can just gonna pack it up and go home early when they're buzzing like that? Think again, ya pigeon. The only thing that should be considered illegal out here is that goalie's glove. Buddy was out there robbing guys all afternoon. I've seen people get locked up 3-5 for less. 

Sidenote: I might have to give up my spot on the Barstool Pond Hockey Team for this guy. Kind of like when Charlie Conway gives up his roster spot to Russ Tyler in D2.