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McDonald's Is Now Selling A Spam, Oreo and White Sauce Burger In China

Would YOU eat this Spam x Oreo burger from McDonalds?

Of course you would, but I'll get to that in a moment. 

I ate octopus testicles once. I was sorta tricked into eating them by my dad in the Florida Keys when I was like 16 or 17 years old, but they were pretty good. Sure, they were deep fried and anything deep fried is delicious, but they were testicles nonetheless. I wouldn't have eaten them knowing what they were, but since I did, I would be lying if I said they were gross, that I'd never eat them again and that I wish I hadn't to begin with. 

That's why I'm not going to cast judgement on this Spam x Oreo burger. Is spam good? No idea, can't say that I've ever knowingly consumed it. But salted meats are delicious and that's just a stone cold fact of life. Salami? Summer sausage? Taylor Ham/ Pork Roll? All fucking incredible, so I think we can safely say Spam is fan-fucking-tastic as well. Then to top it off with Oreos? Yes please! 

This sandwich might just very well be the perfect combination of salty and sweet and that's why you'd eat it. Then you have that white cream sauce (mayo?) spread ever so gently on the bun and you really do have a home run fast food burger. Can confirm - would try and not only would try, would probably like. A lot. 

Perhaps I'll scoop one and do a review for the masses when I go to interview the bat guy with the CDC. It'll be right after I ask him wtf he was thinking when he decided to eat the bat which almost ripped baseball season from my cold, dead hands:

It's all good though. We'll get to the bottom of Coronavirus nevertheless and we'll so it quickly since we'll be fueled by the McDonald's Spam x Oreo burger. 

PS - In Verdansk now.  

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