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Dabo Swinney Is Throwing Absolute Haymakers At Ohio State On TV And Voted Them #11 In His Coaches Poll Ballot

You moron. What is Dabo Swinney thinking here? In what world would you want to give the team you're about to play in the college football playoff THIS BIG of bulletin board material? I know Ohio State only played 6 games and I know they didn't look dominate in any of them, but why poke the bear when you don't have to? Every single other coach that voted had Ohio State in the Top 6. But Dabo Swinney has them at 11.......? He put Cincinnati (Ohio State beat them 42-0 last year) and Coastal Carolina ahead of the Buckeyes? Get outta here man. You can think the Buckeyes don't belong in the playoff if you want, but to put them behind Coastal Carolina should be a criminal offense. I know that the 15th amendent granted everyone the right to vote regardless of race, religion, or color of their skin, but is there a clause somewhere about intelligence level? This man should not have the right to vote if he's going to use it to troll.

I really thought that Dabo throwing all this shade at Ohio State this year was because he was trying to get the media to turn on us. He knew the best way to avoid the Buckeyes was to keep them out of the playoff. But now he clearly sees we're going to play, and he's still chirping. WHY? Up until this very moment I took Dabo Swinney to be a rather successful human being, which has to come with at least some sort of brains. I mean, the guy wins a lot of football games and runs a top tier program. He can't be an idiot. But this just completely changed everything. Only an absolute blockhead would deliberately antagonize a team as talented as Ohio State like he just did. The Buckeyes are going to be reminded of this for each of the next 11 days leading up to the game. #11 in the country. What a troll job. A+ really, but I just cannot fathom his angle on why he did this. But he certainly has a plan. He just made it real clear again on the ACC Network:

Dabo must be reaaaaaaaal confident in his boys this year. Because he's firing up a team full of 4 and 5 star recruits that has lost a grand total of 1** time in the last 2 years. You're playing with fire here, Coach. And if you don't get the refs on your payroll again in this semifinal matchup, you're going to get burnt.

Buckeyes: let them do the talking, let them do the dancing, YOU DO THE WORK!!!!