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Tiger's Most Unbelievable Career Shots (Wake Up With)

Everyone's talking about Charlie Woods after his weekend at the PNC whatever. Seems like these same people forgot along the way that his dad is Tiger. (Literally not one person forgot that but just work with me here guys.) 

Overnight it seems like everyone just wants to ignore this fact out of sake of convenience. You're so ready to crown a new king it makes me sick. So here's my opportunity to remind you guys that Charlie can't hit a 3-iron 240 yards from a bad lie in a fairway bunker to 8 feet and make birdie. Tiger can and I think it's a perfect way to start the day. 

On a more serious note I'm trying to figure out how jealous I am of Charlie Woods. On one hand, probably the best childhood of all time and he's a billionaire and will be an amazing professional. On the other hand if he is anything less than an amazing professional, life blows. You don't want to be Charlie Woods grinding out the Korn Ferry Tour qualifier into your early 30's. Like it's either at the top of his generation or not and everyone is watching. That's a lot of pressure at 11 when most kids are watching WWE and playing with crazy bones but I digress. 

Some pretty nice shots there from Tiger. 

Have a nice week everyone.