There Is Just No Way The Philadelphia Eagles Can Go Back To Carson Wentz. Ever.

And that's that.  Good fight, good night, Ginger Jesus.  It was kinda fun while it lasted.  No, the Eagles didn't win.  Yes, the season is over.  But there’s just no way you can go back to Wentz this year or in 2021.  Zillion dollar contract or not, you can’t.  Jalen Hurts has the keys to the franchise and our collective happiness, for better or worse. it because Carson Wentz was soooooo bad that Jalen Hurts just simply looks competent, and by our/reality's association, great? Think about that.  Does Jalen Hurts actually have great poise and composure or does it just look like it that much more cause Carson Wentz devolved into the Lord Of The Spaz?  Something to ponder.  And Wentz was THAT bad.  You can't even defend that he played at a MVP level in 2017 before he got hurt or last year with a JV roster, his performance this year was indefensible.  And with Hurts, you gotta give credit where credit is due.  He beat the NFC leading Saints last week (even though New Orleans didn't show up to play until the 3rd quarter), and this week he did this: 

This team is finally fighting behind Hurts, but things are still far from perfect adequate. The defense can't give up 24 points in the first half.  The talent evaluation is still WTF worthy.  For real, who needs to make the right picks and select actual football players in picks 1-199 when you can get Quez Watkins at 200???  Exactly.  Howie playing chess, again.  The coaching and play calling, albeit better, is still not good enough.  Anybody think a Hail Mary from the 30 is strange?  How about two of them in a row?  Call a damn play, Doug.  Fred Ex 4th and 26 this bitch, please.

That all being said, let's just hope Howie can be Howie and dump Carson's contract someway, somehow.  Any takers?  Davey from Boston?  I'll hang up and listen.   

Obviously Hurts is the answer, for now, but boy oh boy do I hate being right all the time...

PS - Actually funny.  Also probably accurate.