Xavier Player Screaming 'That's Game' Before The Ball Hits The Net On This Ridiculous Buzzer-Beater Is So Cocky You Have To Respect It

Sure we can debate 'that's cash' vs 'that's game.' It's the Xavier basketball version of black vs blue dress or whatever the hell it was back in the day. All I know is someone screamed that's game before the shot from Kunkel came close to hitting the net. Pretty sure it was Paul Scruggs and not Zach Freemantle who made the call and honestly you just have to respect the cockiness. It's a ball. It could have taken a weird bounce. It could have rimmed out. You gotta be 100% confident that thing is going in. Kunkel knew: 

You know what's super fun? Kentucky could have had Adam Kunkel. He's from Kentucky. He's a transfer from Belmont. They didn't take him. Awesome decision. Totally don't need a shooter and secondary ball handler. But this is perfect for Xavier. I'm a huge fan of this Xavier team, who played its first game after a pause due to coronavirus. They played without Dwon Odom and beat a damn good Marquette team. They are undefeated and somehow have yet to leave the city of Cincinnati. That might be my favorite part. They played 7 home games and won at UC. More importantly they finally look good on offense this year after struggling the last couple of years. 

Ranking the best made bucket calls here that Scruggs could have screamed:

5. Raindrops

Giphy Images.

4. Dagger, but only like Steve Buckhantz 

2. That's Game/Cash

1. ONIONS, specifically like Raft

PS: That's not a walk, so shut up.