Notre Dame Is In The Playoff Because They Deserve It

This was the only possible scenario. I said it last night immediately after the game

You know why Notre Dame is in the playoff? Because they fucking deserve it. They were one of the best teams in the country all year. They beat Clemson. They beat UNC. And unlike Texas A&M they actually made a conference championship game for a conference. They got their teeth kicked in yesterday by Clemson. The Irish couldn't capitalize on great drives early in that game and then when they didn't convert that 4th down early in the 2nd quarter the game got away from them. It was an embarrassing and ugly loss on a National stage. That is why the haters are in full throat today. They think this is the same old Notre Dame because they haven't been paying attention. That's their fault, not Notre Dame's. The Irish will be ready to go for Bama. I don't know if they'll win but I guarantee they compete

Buy a god damn shirt and get ready for New Year's Day