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I Found Out That A&M Got Screwed While Live On The Pro Football Football Show

Naturally, the only Sunday we go live live for the NFL is the same day (and time) the CFP is announced. 

Shoutout the boys for the "support" in rough times. 

Did I truly think A&M was going to get in? No.
Am I going to apologize for being a good fan and carrying the torch? Absolutely no.
Did I convince myself there was a chance? Yes. And had a good argument to do so.
Am I sad I don't get to rub a playoff spot in everyone's face? Absolutely yes. 

Am I excited to watch Notre Dame get KILLED in Arlington (and embarrass themselves on a national scale again)? 1000% yes.

While I wish we were in that #4 spot, I'm super proud of this A&M team. Truly. I love A&M football with all my heart and as somebody who can be VERY hard on this team, I 1000% like where the program is right now. I like where Jimbo has us headed. CFP Bound #soon, baby. 

BTHO North Carolina (and you too, Katie Stats). 

Also - Dear Kellen, I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy. Thank you and I'm sorry if I've said anything bad about you when I was in my feels and just being bitchy.