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DeSean Jackson Told a Pretty Good Lie When It Came To What He Spends $5k On At The Club

via Bog – Boy or girl, Jackson’s sister and assistant, A’Dreea, isn’t so sure her younger brother is ready for parenthood. She also knows her mom will not be happy with the news, whenever DeSean finally works up the nerve to tell her. A’Dreea scolds DeSean and his friends for doing backflips and jumping off the roof into the pool. She makes sure they don’t get into any trouble during an afternoon trip to the bowling alley, because you just never know… “I have to follow my brother around whether he likes it or not,” she says. “Someone’s gotta make sure he’s playing by the rules.” In one scene, A’Dreea and DeSean go over the receiver’s latest credit card statement. “What could you have possibly spent $5,000 on on one night in a club?” she asks. DeSean pauses. “Alcohol,” he says, which would probably be the No. 1 answer to that question if it were asked on “Family Feud.”



I guess I’m missing a lot of good stuff by not watching DeSean Jackson’s BET reality show. DeSean and his buddies are doing backflips off roofs into pools, awesome. His girlfriend is pregnant and he’s too scared to tell his mom, wonderful. And his sister/assistant scolds him for spending $5k at the club. Love his face as he sits there with all the ridiculous shit he pays for at clubs racing through his mind like “don’t say midget strippers, don’t say blow jobs…” “alcohol”.


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 4.22.58 PM


It truly was the best answer he could give there. So points to DeSean for that. As for his sister going over his credit card bill with him…ummmm….I would have to assume that’s the least of the ridiculous charges on there. I would love to see a DeSean Jackson credit card bill from his rookie season with the Eagles. I imagine his back yard resembles a 22 inch spinner graveyard, just rims and gold chains scattered around the pool.