Earth Shattering Report Indicates That Carson Wentz Is Not Interested In Being A Backup Quarterback

Carmen Mandato. Getty Images.

Schefty - Carson Wentz is not interested in being a backup quarterback and would want to move on from the Eagles if the current situation -- with Jalen Hurts starting under center -- continues in Philadelphia, sources connected to the team told ESPN.

Although the Eagles' quarterback situation remains fluid with three games left this season, Wentz is not pleased with the way events have unfolded in the organization, according to sources.

Listen. I think Adam Schefter works his ass off. I think he's gotten to the point where he's at because he's really damn good at doing his job when he's not violating HIPPA laws. 

With that being said….well anybody with a quarter of a functioning brain could have put this story out there. You don't need to be an insider to know that Carson Wentz would prefer to move on from the Eagles if he's stuck as a backup. You don't need to have sources to realize that Carson probably hates the ever living shit out of the situation he's been smacked with here. 

I know there are some folks out there right now who will think that it's soft for Carson to want a trade rather than compete for his job back. But the man has been replaced by 2 different backups at this point on 3 separate occasions. Twice due to injury, now because he has just flatout sucked this year. Even in the one full regular season he's played, he had to deal with anonymous sources in the locker room coming out and telling ESPN about how much everyone wishes they still had Foles, and then the team goes out and drafts a QB in the 2nd round. You don't think that you'd be constantly bitching about your job, too, if you had to deal with all that? You don't think you'd be telling all your boys at the bar that you can't wait to quit and get the hell out of that hell hole? You'd wake up every morning hating the shit out of your life and you'd go to bed every night dreaming about going out in a blaze of glory. Carson has to hate his job and his bosses right now. 

He's been battling to be the starter of this team ever since he tore his ACL on December 10, 2017. That is now 3 full years of having to fight for the role of QB1. 3 full years of a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia. You have to imagine there's a breaking point eventually. Which is where Carson is probably at this time around. 

You can say whatever you want about Carson Wentz. You can say he's stubborn. You can say he might not be the most likable guy in the locker room. You can say he holds on to the ball too long, makes reckless decisions, and is often trying to do too much. But you can't say that the guy doesn't compete. 3 full years of it. You can't blame the guy for not wanting to go through a 4th straight year of it. 

So thanks for the update, Pee Boy. Real groundbreaking work here. Man hates his job, wants to transfer.