Look at This Crazy Ginger Who Was in Jail For Over a Month Because The Cop Thought Her SpaghettiOs Spoon Was Actually Meth

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NYDN – A Georgia woman was mistakenly jailed for one month after cops confused her SpaghettiOs for meth. Ashley Gabrielle Huff was first detained on July 2 after officers in Gainesville found a spoon with a dried substance baked onto it inside her car during a routine traffic stop. The 23-year-old, from Commerce, claimed it was residue from the canned pasta that she liked to eat in the vehicle. Police, however, believed it to be methamphetamine. Huff, who had no criminal history, was sent to Hall County Jail for two days so cops could conduct crime lab tests on the mysterious texture. While she was waiting for the results to come back, Huff was also ordered as part of her court arraignment to seek drug counseling. When she wasn’t able to make all of the appointments, however, she was again arrested. Unable to make the bond payment, she was put in jail from Aug. 2 until Sept. 18, reports the Gainesville Times. She was finally released Thursday after tests on the substance proved it wasn’t meth — and showed that it was in fact, as she’d claimed all along, spaghetti sauce.


Going to jail for a month because she was eating SpaghettiOs in the car is the most ginger thing ever. And can you really blame the cop? Come on. Lookither. He was really just doing his job. Because whether she was eating SpaghettiOs in the car or smoking meth off a spoon, she’s a menace to society either way. You can’t just eat SpaghettiOs in a moving vehicle like that. It’s uncivilized.

But really, can you fucking imagine??? No criminal record. Jailed for two days. Released and forced to go to drug counseling. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU GO?!? If you really were only eating mushy canned pasta, can you imagine rearranging your entire life to go to drug counseling? Well the answer is you fucking better or else you’ll be locked up for over a month. August 2nd to September 18th she sat in jail. Because of pasta sauce on a spoon. Seriously, if that’s all it was, and I’m not convinced it was because mugshot don’t lie and I’ve seen my fair share and hers seems rather methy…buttttt if it truly was only dried marinara, this should be the biggest story in the world. Fuck Ebola. Fuck ISIS. GingerNation should be Ferguson’ing the streets, protesting for justice. There’s a 0% chance she would have served time if she was blonde. 0%. It’s obviously ginger discrimination. And I don’t think any of us have a problem with that. You can never ever be too safe. The first time you let a ginger who eats SpaghettiOs in the car walk free, the rest of the gingers will think it’s ok. Have to set a precedent for these soulless creatures. Good for the cop. Promote that man.