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Australia Is Planning To Build A Beyonce-Inspired Skyscraper

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Telegraph- An Australian company is to build a skyscraper featuring curvaceous structures inspired by pop star Beyoncé. The 78-storey skyscraper will be near Melbourne’s Southern Cross railway station where it will house apartments, retail space and hotel rooms. The Premier Tower’s curves were inspired by one of the pop star’s music video Ghost, in which she waves a billowing piece of black fabric in front of a wind machine. Elenberg Fraser, the firm behind the skyscraper, estimate that it will take 14 months to construct.



Cool I guess?  Not really.  This says less about Beyonce’s level of fame and more about how skyscraper architects must be running out of ideas. Building a Beyonce-inspired skyscraper sounds like an idea that occurred while the builders were at a strip club and Drunk In Love came on. “Hey let’s make a building that looks like Beyonce’s tits”  Not to mention this is pretty risky.  Who knows where we’re headed with Beyonce.  What happens when the skeletons inevitably get dragged out of her closet and we find out she killed 3 people and had Jay Z hide the bodes?  Then you’ll have a skyscraper in the middle of your downtown that was inspired by a murderer.  If you think I’m crazy think again.  It can happen.  We just watched Jared the Subway guy get his door kicked in by the feds because he may or may not dabble in kiddie porn.  If Subway Jared has skeletons in his closet then everybody does.  Including Beyonce.  It’s gonna take 14 months before the budding is complete.  I’d put good money that something will come out about Beyonce in that time that’ll make them not want to have a Beyonce-inspired skyscraper anymore.  It’s part of being a celebrity in 2015.  We’ll build you up into the biggest star in the world (or you’re the Subway guy) and then we’ll dig through your past and find out you’re a child porn viewer/murderer/whatever.  Just you watch.