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Get Yourself A Friendship Like The One Justin Thomas And Charlie Woods Have

So obviously today was all about Tiger and Charlie Woods playing together. Ever since it was announced that the two of them were gonna play in the PNC Championship we've been talking about how cool that was gonna be. Simply seeing Tiger be a father for 3+ hours as opposed to the throat-slitting golf God was really great to watch. Seeing that side of Tiger forces you to remember that he's just a guy who's super DUPER good at golf who also has a life outside of golf. 

But a nice little side story from the day was the friendship between Charlie and Justin Thomas. I didn't even know if they knew each other that well at all but it turns out they're the bestest friends in the whole world? They were buddy buddy all day long playing pranks and talking shit to on each other. JT being Charlie's big brother out there was enough to warm even the coldest heart. However, stay tuned to see how their relationship develops as Charlie gets older and starts filling his closet with green jackets*.

*Disclosure because some people are babies when you heap gigantic expectations on an 11-year-old: Charlie Woods is free to do whatever he wants with his life. If he sticks with golf, great. If he decides he wants to become a chess player or get involved in school plays, great. Do whatever you want kid.