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How Many Blogs About An 11-Year-Old Is Too Many Blogs Because Charlie Woods Just Walked In A Putt

Charlie Woods is a stud man. He just is. I know some people say, "Dude he's 11 years old, chill out" but Charlie Woods, son of professional golfer Tiger Woods, is on national TV piping 5 woods and walking in putts. My hands are tied. There's no way we can't talk about it. Tiger and Charlie playing at the PNC Championship has been must-watch television so far. Just watching the two of them interact and fist bump each other has been awesome. And listen, I didn't put 11-year-old Charlie Woods in this golf tournament, Tiger did. I'm just watching and reacting to what we're given and what we've been given today is Charlie Woods being a goddamn stud on the golf course.