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Targeting Continues To Ruin College Football

I do realize that this tweet above is dramatic. Football isn't dead, but when stuff like this happens?

And it results not just in a penalty, but a player being kicked out of his program's biggest game in its history? It just grinds my gears!

This isn't Madden! You can't just press pause a second before you hit someone and position yourself in order to not hit them in the USA Football certified position. 

Here's the can still call it a penalty. Just don't kick the kid out when it's a situation like this. There need to be levels to this! 

Level 1 (non-intentional targeting): it's a 15-yard penalty and that player gets to stay in the game. If he has another level 1 targeting in the game he is kicked out. 

Level 2: 15-yard penalty and ejection.