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Matt Campbell Just Lost His Goddamn Mind And May End Up Murdering a Ref After This Big 12 Title Game

Matt Campbell is not having his best afternoon. For starters, one of his best defensive players Isheem Young was ejected on a bullshit targeting call 33 seconds into game. From that point not a single call has gone his way, leading to this explosion in the 2nd quarter. Quite frankly I'm terrified of this man just watching from my couch. What caused this was Oklahoma jumped into the neutral zone on 4th down, but no flag was thrown in part because the center never snapped the ball. 

I mean the guy was extremely offsides, but you have to snap the ball unless they make contact with you there. Now I'm certainly not going to be the one to tell Matt Campbell that. This guy is a fucking lunatic. Dude reminded me of one of those televangelists screaming bible scripture on the TV.

There's no other explanation other than he was overtaken by the devil. At that moment he forgot he was coaching a football game. He wanted that ref, his family, and everyone who has ever exchanged pleasantries with him to die a painful death. If I'm that ref I'm calling out sick for the 2nd half, getting in my car, and driving across state lines to a safe house. Campbell is going to come hunting for him after the game with a fire of a thousand suns. How can you not love that passion? Gimme a guy who is going to lose his mind over a no-call like that over like a Todd Bowles-type who just sits there with the same boring unemotional look every time while his team gets fucked over left and right. 

Shout out Allen Lazard watching his former coach before tonight's game against the Panthers.