One Picture To Remind Flyers Fans Everywhere That The Future Is Bright



The Flyers prospects are currently underway taking part in the Trial On The Isle in Stone Harbor. And here we have the Flyers Five together in action for the first time. Just an absolute goon squad of Sam Morin, Travis Sanheim, Shayne Gostisbehere, Robert Hagg and Ivan Provorov. Three 1st rounders, and a 2nd and 3rd rounder in Hagg and Ghost. And less than a combined 100-years-old for the 5 of them. To think that there could come a day when all of these guys are up with the big boys at the same time. Hexy has been on a goddamn tear this offseason and I think the plan is to get rid of at least one more veteran defenseman this Summer (or at least that should be the plan). Then you just buy out MacDonald and that awful contract, let Luke Schenn go to free agency next summer, keep Del Zotto around and you’ve got yourself 6 of the finest young defensemen in the league all on one team. Yeah, let’s fucking go. The future is bright. The future is (almost) now.

Couple of quick points:

1) Morin is going to be an absolute beast. Sanheim is 6’3″ and looks like a midget standing next to him. Imagine what Young Samuel will look like once he tacks on a few more pounds.

2) Hagg is fitting in with the Jersey Shore crowd perfectly with that gold chain. Glad he’s been able to adapt so well.

3) I’m pretty salty I didn’t get an invite to play some beach volleyball with the boys today. Ghost to Jordie for the spike all day long.

4) Nothing too much to see here but it’s the first look that we get of Provo in Orange. Kid is smooth as butter.

5) If Scott Laughton ever wants to become the stud we think he’ll be, he needs to be wearing a hat and/or helmet at all times to cover up that hairline.