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Bret Bielema Is My New Football Coach

I have no idea what Bret Bielema looks like based on these two pictures. As far as I'm concerned those are 2 different people, which actually wouldn't be a bad strategy for twin brothers. One like does the recruiting and rubs elbows while the other watches tape and prepares the gameplan. Then they package themselves as one singular coach for their careers together. Surprised I haven't seen that yet but I digress. 

I'm also surprised that my Illini committed $26 million to Bret Bielema to be the new football coach. My emotions are captured here

I don't hate it. Let's start there. I don't HATE it. I'm not even mad or complaining or whatever. Just because a man doesn't jump for joy and tap dance down the fucking street doesn't mean he's miserable. It actually just means I'm not dancing down the goddamn street. I'm sitting here thinking about $26 million to that guy. The one who would rather be at Iowa and doesn't really have much to hang his hat on in recent memory. And by recent (and for context), you know he was coaching against Jim Tressel, not Urban Meyer? I know his Wisconsin teams were good but it's pretty much ancient history at this point. We all agreed on Red Line Radio this week that I could've coached those Wisconsin teams. 

We broke it down at 51:30. I was pretty negative because he was such a failure at Arkansas but the SEC West is basically the hardest piece of any conference anywhere. Then we get into the Wisconsin culture and just how hard that is to recreate around Illinois. It's hard to be super positive but I also refuse to be a little bitch. As I said we only want 6 wins. If we can't get 6 wins at $4.2m/year then I'm all out of ideas. No clue. 

Best case scenario we win 7-8 games one time in the next 3 years then he leaves us for Iowa. Obviously you can't get worse than what Lovie did the last 5 years on the field so we're upgraded on the simple fact he won't be leading another 3-win season. Same time I'll need Bret to earn and win my trust. I'm not a slut guys show some respect while I figure this out.