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12 Year Old Legend Busted For "Throwing A Rave In His School Bathroom"

CoS- Cael Bell, 12-year-old DJ and all-ages legend, had his equipment confiscated after hosting a rave in the school bathroom.

As his mother Louise Bell related on Facebook, the saga began about two weeks ago, when the budding turntablist sent out a Snapchat announcement inviting “all the boys from year 8” at St. Antony’s Catholic College in Manchester, UK. Together, they held an impromptu dance fest in the boys lavatory during lunch period on December 11th. The set included complimentary soft drinks and Cadbury Twirls, and while a school bathroom is a below-average setting for such a lunch, it is certainly cleaner than your typical rave.

The set lasted 30 minutes before anti-fun authorities broke it up. Bell’s mother said that the boy’s speaker and lights have been impounded, although she did not herself punish him. In fact she enjoyed the spirit of it all, and wrote, “Am I wrong for finding this funny?” In an interview with The Mirror, she said

“I had to laugh. It has been a terrible year and I couldn’t be angry with my son for trying to spread some cheer. When I got the call, it made perfect sense. Cael had been up, dressed and ready to leave for school early that morning which was unheard of in our house. He had the biggest smile on his face so I knew he had something up his sleeve. I asked him what he was so happy about and he told me they were having a rave in school. I thought nothing of it, I didn’t think for one minute there was any truth to it. But when I heard what Cael had done, from advertising the rave on Snapchat to actually pulling it off and even providing refreshments, I couldn’t help but see the funny side. Cael’s dad thought it was hysterical, he said ‘go on son’. We did have a conversation about whether or not we should be angry but how could we be?”

Sorry for partying.

These teachers can suck it. 

The kid rolled out sodas and cadbury twirls like a true hospitalitarian and they wanna act like he was giving everybody crank and playing the Blade soundtrack on repeat. 

They think they can hold Cael Bell down but they only made him stronger. His street cred is through the fucking roof now.

First off they need to give the kid his equipment back so he can continue practicing in his room. 

Cael's mom issued a statement on the facebook-

(that jingle bell rock remix he dropped fucks hard)

Cael's mom and dad both sound like fuckin awesome supportive parents.

All those cake-eaters classmates of Cael's that scoffed at his Snapchat promotion leading up to the rave? Yah, they are all now in text chats amongst each other asking how they can be sure to be on the invite list to the next one. 

They're kissing Cael's ass every time he struts into the cafeteria, like the cock-of-the-walk, asking him if he wants to sit at their table. 

The lasses are no doubt lining up trying to get a piece of my man. 

p.s.- I'm gonna go out on a limb but if British teachers are anything like American ones, I'm gonna say he's been the talk of the teachers' break room all week. And you know what that means, anytime a group of chicks hear of a guy getting lots of attention they want a piece. So don't be surprised if Cael shows up again on this site in one of Jerry's blogs.

p.p.s.- if the Blackout tour is ever revived I think we found my protege to take the reigns.

p.p.p.s- The gif is from the A+ opening scene in XXX, a highly underrated Vin Diesel flick. Not the actual rave in the school bathroom in case you were wondering.