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Gary Player And Tiger Woods Giving Charlie Woods Putting Tips Is Extremely Wholesome Content

I don't care how weird it sounds, I need every piece of Charlie Woods content at the PNC Championship I can get. Every video, every picture, every rumor, everything. Yeah he's an 11-year-old kid but he's also Tiger Woods' 11-year-old kid who's playing in a nationally televised tournament this weekend so there's gonna be tons of interest. Charlie and Tiger have been dominating the tournament already and the thing doesn't even start until Saturday. John Daly and his son used to be the marquee names at this event but this is now a Woods event.

So yeah, Gary Player giving Charlie putting tips as Tiger stands by was awesome. Charlie is obviously free to do whatever he wants with his life, Tiger has said that any time he's asked about Charlie potentially playing golf professionally some day, but Charlie should go ahead and pick golf. His swing is already better than 99.999% of the world and he has guys like Gary Player giving him tips on how to improve his game. If he sticks with it he's gonna be sooooooooooooooooo good in a few years. So good. Grab that Woods golf empire baton and just take off with it. But again, Charlie can do whatever he wants.