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Nature Video Of The Day: Crocodile Gets His Revenge On Big Cats Everywhere By Drowning, Eating Cheetah

This is one of the coolest nature videos on the internet to me, and I'd say most people have seen it at this point. It's fucking insane how strong a jaguar's mouth has to be to totally rag doll this croc that prolly weighs a solid 200 pounds. Alligators and crocodiles are one of those things I just assumed didn't have a natural predator and that nothing really went after them, that is nothing other than a bunch of slack jawed hillbillies on the Florida panhandle with a .22 or whatever, but I digress and I was wrong. Apparently big cats can fuck them up no problem.

That said, I love a good comeback story. I was perusing the internets this morning and came across this *NSFL* video (if you're a bitch) of a crocodile saying, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!" with large cats trying to eat them:

BOOM! Chalk one up for the underdog. That's not to say I don't feel kinda bad for the cheetah, because I do. Dude was just trying to wet his whistle before taking down an unsuspecting gazelle or some shit, but nope! Not on Croc's watch. Enjoy Davy Jones' Locker! Nature is the shit and that is a fucking fact, even if Chubbs Peterson is rolling in his grave right now.