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If You Try To Fight Two Time Blake Of The Year Winner Blake Griffin, Be Prepared For Him To Laugh In Your Face

Hey Thomas Byrant, RELAX buddy. It's preseason. Not only that, but it's a blowout preseason game. You're getting you ass whooped, maybe take it down about 50,000 levels. I mean my man was all hot and bothered because why? OK so maybe Blake Griffin tossed him like a rag doll as he was defending the post, but still. What are you going to do...fight him? I have to admit, this was a quality "HOOOLLLLDDDDDDD MMEEEEEEE BAAAAAACKKKK" fight that the NBA is known for. Good to see guys are already in midseason form in that regard. 

I just can't stop laughing at Blake's response. Now I've never been in a fight, mostly because I am a gigantic pussy, but I imagine it's never great when the dude you want to beat up is doing nothing but laughing in your face. You're all worked up and ready to throw hands and the guy is looking directly back at you and laughing right in your grill. That's tough. Maybe that's what enraged Thomas Bryant even more. I think we can all agree that Blake would have dominated this fight right? He's healthy now, and a healthy Blake is a flat out monster. Also not to mention he has all that pent up anger from playing in Detroit. The man went from being a max player living in LA to being shipped to Detroit immediately after signing his extension. You don't think there's some frustration baked in there? Thomas Bryant is lucky that Blake went this route if you ask me.

This is a big time season for Blake if we can be serious for a second. If he can stay healthy and put up the All Star production he had before getting hurt, he's going to cash in this summer. He can hit the market if he chooses and now that Giannis is off the board, someone is going to throw the bag at a healthy Blake Griffin. He's been able to adapt his game in a way that he's more than a dunker now, he can actually shoot threes, and something tells me he's not going to be interested in sticking around in Detroit if he doesn't have to. He has a $38M player option next season which he may not want to turn down, but what if someone is willing to give him another long term deal at around $30M? It just happened with Gordon Hayward. Teams that were saving their money for Giannis that are contenders should be interested. Why not? A healthy Blake can still get it done.

But yeah, tough look for Thomas Bryant who actually is pretty good in his own right. I'm just not sure how you come back from this.