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Let's Talk George Springer. And Nolan Arenado. And Francisco Lindor. And James McCann. And Jared Porter. And Theo Epstein.

The Mets may have been dormant for a while, but a lot can change in a day. After rubbing elbows with fans at Citi Field, Uncle Stevie went on tear signing our new backstop, James McCann, and GM Jared Porter. McCann is a clubhouse guy, revered for his management of the staff and framing. On top of that the guy's got some POP and some defensive skills to go along with it! Realmuto may be the flashy catcher on the market, but McCann is OUR GUY. He fills a massive hole and doesn't take up too much cap space, freeing up the money for the man everyone is eyeing, George Springer. We break down how this signing can (and should) lead to more signings down the road, how he'll fit into the lineup and what he's bringing to the table off the field along with the Nolan Arenado and Francisco Lindor trade rumors.

In addition, Jared Porter finally kicked off the much anticipated INFRASTRUCTURE hirings. Porter isn't a former agent by any stretch (thank God) and he brings with him 4 championship rings. The biggest takeaway from the hiring is just how much everyone around the league loves this man. He's a blue collar guy that isn't in it for the fame. He holds the organization above all else and specializes in building the farm. Everyone has been so focused on getting Theo down the road, not out of the question since Jared's followed him from place to place, but what everyone should really be focusing on is that we may have found the "next" Theo. A disciple of new aged analytics with a savy, seasoned scout's eye. It's a perfect monster. Not to mention, the guy looks like he can throw back a few cold ones with the boys. 

Just one year into the new ownership and things are really starting to shape up. We gotta believe that with one more signing or trade we can confidently say this offseason is a success and we can begin to dream about 2021!

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