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Bowtie Bob, Age 69, Goes Out In Baltimore 5 Nights A Week And Can't Even Take The Trash Out Without Rocking A Bowtie


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Baltimore Magazine — Chances are, if you’ve been to any local event, you’ll recognize “Bowtie Bob” Nelson. He’s the older man in pastel colors, maybe a flashy fedora, but alwayswearing a bow tie.  The Mt. Vernon resident, 69, who dubs himself “semi-retired,” goes out five nights a week and says he’s not slowing down. “I never want to confuse my age with my date of birth,” he says with a laugh. “People think I’m crazy to go out so much in the city, but I love the people, the neighborhoods.”  A typical week for Nelson involves nonprofit meetings, hanging out at The Brewer’s Art or Liam Flynn’s Ale House, seeing a movie at The Charles Theatre, hitting up a weekend festival, and walking 10 miles a day.  And you can’t forget his style. “I’ve always been Joe College or preppy,” he says. “I won’t take the trash out without a bow tie on.” Nelson says he owns nearly 40 versions of his signature accessory and shops vintage at DeBois Textiles. Basically, at nearly 70 years old and rocking a pacemaker, Nelson is one of the coolest kids in town.  “I may have another 30 years or three days left,” he says. “But, I’ll be laying down in the ground a lot longer. So I’ve got plenty of time to do that later on.”


The man, the myth the legend! Bowtie Bob himself! If you’ve partaken in some Fed Hill shenanigans, there’s a good chance you’ve run into Bowtie Bob chillin hard on the corner. Just stylin’, profilin with all the 20-somethings without a care in the world. Don’t blink or he’ll steal your girl and send her home happy. Doesn’t even matter that I think people who rock bowties are assholes. Bob owns it, and I respect the hell out of it. Guy was born to rock it. He’s more devoted to wearing bowties than I am wearing to pants. And going out 5 nights a week?! Ferocious. Bob has as much game in his little finger than I’ve ever had in my life. Look. Even went toe to toe with him last winter…




Throttled. Didn’t stand a chance. Absolutely foolish of me to even consider going against a legend like Bowtie Bob Nelson.



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