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I Have A Trailer For An Action Movie Starring Mike Tyson And The Mountain From Game Of Thrones. Is That Something You Might Be Interested In?

Trailer Review:

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I'm not usually one for "bad" action movies considering I barely have time to watch good movies. But when The Baddest Man On The Planet and The Baddest Man From Westeros team up to make a movie, I am going to watch. It's not even a matter of wanting to either. Scientists say that when two Alphas of that level make a movie with a title like Desert Strike, the testosterone in the male human body takes the wheel and forces the brain to sit in Rest Mode while watching carnage unfold on the screen as I mindlessly shovel a gallon tub of popcorn into my mouth. 

My only issue with this cinematic masterpiece is that both of these entertainment icons have guns in their hands. I have no interest in watching two lethal weapons hold lethal weapons in their own lethal weapons. I want to see Iron Mike unleash his iron fists on countless henchmen as The Mountain rips bad guys apart limb from limb (even though I think he may have been firing a tank gun at one part of that trailer since he has a habit of making objects appear smaller than they really are).

I can't believe I had no idea this movie was released last year under the title Pharaoh's War in the cinematic hotbed that is Kuwait. But now that it's about to become a reality next year, I am convinced that all the awful of 2020 will disappear once the calendars read 2021. I also really wish I knew about this movie before Robbie and I interviewed The Mountain about Thrones, Conor McGregor, and being super strong a few weeks ago on My Mom's Basement


Not just any movie but a Van Damme movie!