Dance Dance Revolution, But For Dirty Dirty Dangles

The year is 1999. You're up on a Jersey Shore boardwalk as a small child. Everybody is walking around in their puka shell necklaces, sporting some frosted tips, perhaps a pair of Etnies sneakers, visors turned upside down. It's a wonderful time in human history and as you make your way towards the arcade, you see that a crowd is quickly gathering. By the time you get to the arcade, the crowd is so large that you can only imagine that Sum 41 is putting on a concert or something. But as you get your way to the front, you realize that everybody is crowded around to see some beast absolutely shred on the DDR machine. 



Now the times have changed. Dance Dance Revolution doesn't quite put asses in the seats like it used to. But dirty dangles? Well dirty dangles will never go out of style, boys. And the Sultan of Sauce himself, Pavel Barber, seems to have found a way to combine the two. 

You're a wizard, Harry. A supremely silky wizard. Like hopping on Guitar Hero 3 and nailing "Through The Fire And Flames" on expert while blindfolded. That, my friends, is a certified beautician.