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Baby Sharks Are Falling From The Sky In Virginia Beach

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WAVY - In the Sharknado movies, a freak storm picks up man-eating sharks and tosses them onto land to devour innocent people. It’s absurd because sharks don’t just fall from the sky, but last Friday in Virginia Beach that actually happened. “This could be the shark house, but hopefully, not too many more will be falling from the sky,” Sue Bowser. “The kids found it, and they came upstairs and they were real excited and said, ‘We found a shark!'” Doubting the kids, she soon found out it was no joke. Bowser said the 13-inch baby shark fell from the grips of a large bird high above the trees. It was dead when it landed on a concrete slab next to a small pond in the backyard. Bowser tucked it away in a freezer bag in the garage, right next to her homemade applesauce. “I would like to preserve the shark because a lot of people have asked about it, and I think it’s just so unique,” Bowser said. It’s been a week of pictures and showing off “Sharky,” as they call him, to family and friends.

Welp time to pack it up and head for the hills. Sharks are raining down on us. It’s not bad enough they are biting anything and everything in site in the water, now they have taken to the air and are attacking from above. That’s so fucked up. Guerrilla warfare is not something to take likely. It’s fair when we go into the ocean and they protect the water. They were in the water first, I get it, if we get bit it’s because we encroached on their territory. But coming at us from the sky is fucked up. Right now it was just a baby shark, a sacrifice if you will. They were trying to see if it would work. Like how North Korea will blast a bunch of rockets into the ocean. Sharks are doing the exact same shit. Wouldn’t even shock me if they were in cahoots with the Koreans. All I know is we have to stay woke. One blink at the wrong time and sharks are biting our necks when we’re outside at a BBQ. Is this a fluke occurrence or is this the start of something bigger? Hard to tell now, but I’ll be fucked if I didn’t at least give you a heads up.