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8 Pages Of Rules About What WWE Announcers Are Allowed To Say Have Leaked And They Are So Detailed And Specific

This is perfect. Besides how long Raw is*, the other main problem with it is how bad the announcing team is. You could watch a 10 minute match and they’d spend 2 minutes actually announcing/discussing the match. And now we know exactly why. 8 pages of the most nitty, specific rules of all time. Don’t say “backstage”, say “in the back”. Don’t say “hospital”, say “medical center”. Rules after rules after rules. But all while reminding them to be themselves! It explains why Michael Cole is unbearable and why JBL adds….nothing? And explains why King is so respectful towards the ladies!

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Pretty interesting stuff. Explains a lot about why the announcing team is so terrible. They are all programed to be robots and aren’t allowed to color outside the lines even a little bit.


* Every week it pains me how long Raw is. 3 hours is just so, so, so long. And from going to Raw a couple weeks ago, holy shit, they need to shorten the show. The crowd just can’t handle 3 hours with 15 minutes between matches. It drags on and on and on. They need to go back to 2 hours. Even 2 and a half hours would be better. Less filler, more action, keeps the crowd into it, and keeps the viewers at home more interested. We have 10000 options on TV now, keeping anyone’s attention on a screen for 3 straight hours is near impossible. Make the show shorter and better=higher ratings=charge more for advertising. Money won’t be lost and the product will be so much better. Hopefully one day they go back to 2 hours.