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Three UNC Frats Have Been Busted For Trafficking Millions Of Dollars Of Weed, Cocaine, And Molly

(Indy Week) - Three UNC-Chapel Hill fraternities allegedly helped traffic more than $1.5 million in illegal drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and narcotics, a multi-year investigation from the U.S. Department of Justice revealed Thursday.

Twenty-one people face criminal charges for selling over a thousand pounds of marijuana, a few hundred kilograms of cocaine, and other narcotics to students at UNC-Chapel Hill. Three fraternities—Beta Theta Pi, Phi Gamma Delta, and Kappa Sigma—are alleged to have been the sites of illegal drug activity and some members are facing criminal charges.

While the total revenue from these activities isn't yet available, the sheriff's department says it exceeds over $1.5 million.

"The amount of illegal narcotics being sold and used in this case was not only astonishing; it also reflected a very serious public health crisis," Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood said in a statement. "We worked this case in an effort to save lives. We also wanted to protect the honor and integrity of the University of North Carolina and other institutions of higher learning. This investigation and the prosecution of those involved in the drug trade on university campuses should send a clear message that such activities will not be tolerated."

Drugs? At a fraternity? Now I've heard everything. How did this happen? Is nothing sacred anymore? Good on the boys in blue for getting to the bottom of this and cracking a tough case of "drugs on a major college campus." I didn't know college life had changed so drastically since I was 18, but back in my day college was for books and learning. If you want to do drugs I have no idea why you'd go to one of the largest schools in the country. That math just doesn't compute in my brain. Go to a Phish concert like an adult, dumb dumbs. 

Genuinely though, what are we doing here. People toss around drug trafficking and suddenly this sounds a lot more Escobar-y than it should. There were no planes meeting on deserted islands with duffle bags of cash and drugs being hastily passed back and forth. There were no cigarette boat chases off the coast of the Carolinas resulting in bricks being tossed overboard in a desperate attempt to escape Johnny Law. In fact the only thing I'm mad at these kids for is how they were handling their business so brazenly.

Investigators found that the cocaine was being shipped through USPS from California to the state, while marijuana was being driven in. Cash from the drug sales was also shipped through the postal service. Another $1.3 million was sent through money orders and mobile apps like Venmo.

Drive the coke, mail the weed. That's day one stuff. UPS, USPS, FedEx, all are the most prompt, unknowing weed carriers this fine country has to offer. You want a brick of cocaine with your literal name and address on the fucking box? I know UNC doesn't care about things like test scores and IQ but Sweet Jesus use your heads on this one fellas. What do you think is going to trigger a larger scale investigation if a package gets pulled. I know in the South weed and coke are still viewed through the same prism, but the federales are tossing Mary Jane to the side and chalking that up to boys being boys. Cocaine??? That'll raise questions. Keep that on the ground. And don't pay for any of this shit with Venmo or Western Union. I'm appalled at the length of the paper trail these youths left behind. They were practically begging to be caught. Big Baby Glen Davis didn't have as many traces of evidence and that man carried around a literal ledger with him. 

PS - Funniest part of this investigation was from this paragraph about other colleges and universities said to be caught up in this:

Other college campuses and fraternities are linked to the investigation, including Appalachian State University's Delta Chi chapter and a student from Duke University. The investigation spanned from 2017 to this spring.

Only one student from Duke made me laugh out loud. Whole school full of nerds and dweebs with only one guy looking to have a morsel of fun. And now he's going to do hard time, probably have a classmate convict him. A real shame.