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Turns Out If You Stage A Mock ISIS Beheading At Work You'll Get Fired, Who Knew?

CNN- HSBC is confirming that it has fired six employees who filmed a video in which five of them pretended to be members of ISIS “beheading” their other colleague who played the role of hostage. The video, which reportedly was posted on Instagram before it was taken down, was reported by the London tabloid The Sun. In the video, one of the men shouts “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for “God is great,” which is what has been said in some of the ISIS videos showing executions of hostages. The banker playing the role of hostage is dressed in an orange jump suit and kneeling in front of the others with his head down, the same as some of the executed hostages. The other men are dressed in dark clothing with masks covering their faces. They give a whooping war cry and brandish what appears to be a coat hanger as if it’s a knife, and then break up into laughter.




Everybody.  Everybody knew.  Well except these guys at HSBC obviously.  Dressing up like members of ISIS and staging a fake beheading is right up there with blackface as one of the things you just can’t do.  No matter how many times college kids throw a black face party, people are still gonna get pissed.  Same goes for this.  You certainly can’t do it then post it to Instagram.  Whenever something like this happens I always want to know the thought process of how it came to be. Like one guy just stood up and said, “Hey, let’s do a mock ISIS beheading right here in the office.  That’s not offensive, right?  Nah I didn’t think so.  Terrorists beheading people is a goddamn laugh riot” and all the other guys in the office aggressively nodded their heads and gave an enthusiastic thumbs up.  Break out the ski masks and orange jumpsuit!  Time for an ISIS party!  There had to be at least one guy in the office, probably a new guy who wasn’t brainwashed yet but was too scared to say anything, who knew it was a terrible idea.  Or maybe he didn’t say anything because he knew those dudes were gonna get canned for the stunt. Let them do their offensive mock up and boom.  6 less people to battle with for promotions.