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Florida Decided To Postpone Its Non-Conference Games So The Team Can 'Process' And 'Regroup' After Keyontae Johnson Collapsed On The Court

Again, this isn't going to be a funny or spinzone blog or anything like that. It can't be when you're talking about the SEC Player of the Year, Keyontae Johnson battling for his health in the hospital. I will say it does sound like another positive update though. The fact he's 'continuing to show truly encouraging signs of process' is huge and that should not go unnoticed. That's priority number 1 when a kid collapses on the court and nobody has any idea why. There's speculation all across the Internet as to why, but nobody has any clue so we should make sure to say that. 

I said it the day it happened, I still can't believe the Florida players decided to keep playing that game against Florida State. They had the option and decided to play. I'm not going to criticize them or anything, they made the call and we've never been in that situation before. I just can't believe they did. I can't imagine the feelings of seeing your friend and teammate collapse and get stretchered off the court. Terrifying has to be the only way to describe it and that still might not be enough. 

Again, I want to stress the positive news that Keyonate Johnson is awake and progressing. He FaceTimed the team even and is breathing on his own. The fact he is doing that after being placed in a medically-induced coma is awesome. Let's just keep hoping we see more positive news here.