RIP Jeremy Bulloch, The Man Who Played Boba Fett In The Original Star Wars Trilogy

Oh man, this is really unfortunate news hitting Star Wars fans everywhere not even a month after David Prowse, the O.G. Darth Vader, passed away....

Jeremy Bulloch, the man responsible for playing Boba Fett in both 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi', has passed away at the age of 75. 

Although the character only had roughly two minutes and forty five seconds of screentime across the two movies, he INSTANTLY became a fan favorite (to the point where we now get to see him each and every week on 'The Mandalorian') simply because of how cool he was. 

While the armor is certainly a big part of that, the body language that Bulloch brought to the bounty hunter undoubtedly sealed the deal. I mean, c'mon....

Boba isn't the only character in Star Wars that Bulloch brought to life, either!

Jeremy couldn't have been more beloved by fans worldwide, especially those who had the pleasure of meeting him….

….and he looked like an absolute BADASS in that Beskar suit of armor even in old age!

My condolences to the friends, family, and fans of Bulloch everywhere. May the Force be with him - always.