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People Forget That Santa Had The Greatest Strip Sack In Football History During The Football Game In Santa Clause 2

There's nothing better than going back to rewatch a movie you haven't seen in a while and being reminded of a long forgotten cinematic masterpiece. Which is exactly what I did last night as I popped The Santa Clause 2 on Disney+. And as far as sports scenes in movies go, this has to be up there at the top. What we witnessed out of Toy Santa in this scene is nothing short of brilliancy. 

He timed the snap perfectly. And as the only player on the defending team, clearly he was going to deal with a double or even a triple team from the offensive line. But he blows right past them and immediately gets to the quarterback. Then not only does he lay a vicious hit on the QB to knock the ball loose, but he has the awareness to recover the fumble as well. Then he breaks not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but FIVE tackles on his way to the end zone. 

Now here's where things get a little dicey. From the looks of it, this would probably go down as a safety. Because he recovers the fumble but then starts running back towards his own end zone. Then he spikes the ball out of bounds. So as great as that return was, he may have just thrown 2 points on the board for the elves. But still. Don't let the "rules of the game" distract you from how nasty that play was. And it's just a damn shame that so many people have wiped it from their memory completely. Toy Santa should have a 6-year, $100M contract offer with his name on it.