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A Voice Better Than Bieber?

Nashville is a city known for a few things – music, bars, Bachelorette parties, and girls who recently graduated from college that would move to LA if they had juuuuust a bit more money. Big T is no stranger to the state nor the city, and his skills as a musician are clear as day throughout this episode. One would think that this had been recorded on the second floor of Honkytonk Central if they didn’t know any better, as Big T transitions us from topic to topic with his bold renditions of today’s popular hits. For a man as large as his name indicates (Big), his voice is surprisingly soft, and it touches you in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Speaking of Nashville, in a new and untold story, KB tells us about a one night stand he had while on a bachelor party for his boy, Cole, in Nashville – which speaking from experience, there’s nothing more disorienting than waking up on the elevated side of a waterbed in the West End with a box of Cookout and a melted shake on the nightstand.

This episode is the perfect treat for a snow day (I actually wouldn’t know as I’ve never had a snow day before unless you count my family’s ski trips to Park City). They cover stories about horse cocks, Miss Weller, Oozin’ Boyle, and much, much more. Make sure to subscribe and leave a review.