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Coach Cal Had No Idea Where Atlanta Is Actually Located And That's The Sole Reason Why Kentucky Lost To Georgia Tech

Well, that settles it. Pretty clear the only reason Kentucky lost to Georgia Tech was the fact they had to bus longer than expected because Coach Cal doesn't know where Atlanta is actually located. Pretty simple mistake. People in this area just assume everything is within 4 hours because for the most part it is. You ask people in the midwest and the answer is 4 hours. No matter what. Plus a 6-hour bus ride SUCKS. It doesn't matter how nice the charter bus is, sitting on a bus for that long sucks.

So it's clear here. Kentucky didn't lose to Georgia Tech because of a wonky zone. They didn't lose to Georgia Tech because they turned it over every other possession. They didn't lose to Georgia Tech because Moses Wright had 21 and 7. It was clearly a travel issue. That makes me feel even more confident* about this game against UNC on Saturday in Cleveland. He's learning from his mistakes. Plane rides only.

This is what I want from Cal though. Spinzone these losses anyway possible to give this team that's nowhere near as good as we thought some sort of hope. Put the blame on yourself and blame it on some sort of travel problems. Taking blame instead of passing it onto players, Coach K could learn a thing or two here. 

*Confident that it's going to be a fucking hideous game. Kentucky still doesn't have spacing. They still turn it over way too much and the offense still sucks too much. UNC's guards also aren't anywhere near the level we thought they'd be. As always with a UNC blog. Fuck Luke Maye.