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It Only Took 2 Days For Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O To Be Hospitalized During Filming For Jackass 4

John Sciulli. Shutterstock Images.


Jackass stars Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville have been hospitalised two days into filming Jackass 4.

20 years after the series first launched, the crew has reunited to start production on the fourth film – and two of its stars ended up in hospital two days into the shoot. Bam Margera, also a Jackass member, posted a video on his website revealing that filming had paused after two days following Knoxville and Steve-o’s injuries.

“Second day of filming Jackass and already Steve-O and Knoxville are hospitalised by jumping on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment,” Margera says in the video, speaking from a hospital waiting room. The video explains that the pair were trying to jump onto a moving treadmill while carrying musical instruments.

The boys are fucking back risking their lives and doing the dumbest shit imaginable for our entertainment. Reunited for the first time in almost a decade, Jackass 4 is being filmed and should be out for our viewing pleasure sometime in 2021. Now as with any athlete, these guys are getting older and can get hurt much more easily than in the past. It's a miracle they're still alive at this point, all things considered from the stunts they've pulled in the past. RIP Ryan Dunn. Back in their prime I suspect a treadmill wouldn't do them in, but here we are just two days into filming with Knoxville and Steve-o ending up in the hospital after jumping on a high speed treadmill carrying tubas. Just a minor setback, we'll be up on our feet in no time. I don't care how old they get, these lunatics running around doing stupid shit will always be appointment television.

I fucking love Jackass. I wonder how many people in the Barstool office have never heard of it considering the age of some of them. That stuff was part of my childhood growing up. Seeing what these maniacs do will have you in uncontrollable tears for hours. Knoxville having little children just come up and kick him straight in the balls followed by a sledgehammer to the cojones. Having bulls chase them while they wear red. Lighting fireworks in their parents bedrooms. Allowing Jared Allen to light them up over the middle of the field with full force. Or maybe having riot control bullets blasted at them from like 5 feet away. Knoxville and Steve-O flat out just don't care what happens to them and it's amazing. 


We as a country all need this movie.