A 'College Athletes Bill Of Rights' Legislation Is Officially Introduced To Congress And It INCLUDES BRINGING BACK VIDEO GAMES!!

Oh fuck yes. This is what I needed to see today. A day where it's gloomy out. A day where there are snow days across the country. A day where you just want to sit around and *gasp* play video games. You know what I'd love to play? Some NCAA Basketball on my PS4. Then I'd love to turn Kentucky football into Alabama football. And we're officially one stop closer. One stop closer to this becoming a reality in 2020 on an updated format: 

And sure all the other stuff is awesome and makes sense. I've preached it for years. Athletes should have every right to make money on name, image and likeness. I agree schools pay them enough with a scholarship and everything that goes there. But the NCAA can't cap them at that. That's where it's bullshit. These players are more marketable and make money for schools more than ever before. If Two Keys wants to give a Kentucky basketball player $5,000 for an ad deal, who gives a shit? It's not like it's going to ruin recruiting - just look at recruiting rankings for football yesterday. It's always the same. 

Hell, the goddamn Supreme Court is even getting involved: 

Get us this bill with group licensing because that's how we get video games back. Need it. That's the major step to start building EA Sports NCAA Football/Basketball 2022 or whatever. Once they get group licensing figured out, it's an easy way to move on. They just have to figure out that whole revenue thing. Again, do we really care if players make money being in a video game? Fuck no.  

Any person in the government that says no to this bill simply hates fun. They need to be kicked out of government. Who doesn't want to play NCAA video games? They are the best, just ask Coach Duggs. That barely needs to be said, but still worth saying. Give us back our video games, damnit! Signed, a 33-year old father. Get us this bill with group licensing because that's how we get video games back. Need it.