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Coronavirus Appears To Be Back In The Ravens' Locker Room As 3 Wide Receivers Have Been Placed On The COVID-19 List

WELP. Here we go again. Just when you think the Ravens have pulled it together and put that whole COVID thing behind them, they fall right back in it. A day after Dez Bryant is taken off the list, 3 wide receivers go right back on. Because of course they do. Because nothing can ever be easy or simple for the 2020 Ravens.

In spite of all of his struggles with the drops this season, Marquise Brown is clearly the most impactful concern here. Even at his worst when he can't catch a goddamn thing, he brings the threat of elusive speed to the table that defenses simply have to respect. That was on display when he was on the receiving end of the biggest play of the year Monday night. Now the receivers room is down to Willie Snead, Dez Bryant, and rookie Devin Duvernay. Only Duvernay really brings any speed to the table whatsoever.

I don't know if these guys are positive tests or simply guys who have been exposed to COVID through contact tracing. Regardless, it's concerning that this is an issue that has resurfaced. The Ravens took accountability of what happened 3 weeks ago and seemed to have learned their lesson about following protocol. This suggests that that lesson was very much not learned. There's a lot we don't know so maybe there's a different story, but from the outside looking in this is a disaster. 

Now we're right back in that cycle where we have no idea who might test positive next. I suppose the silver lining is that the MVP has already pinched COVID off, but it's frustrating as hell that this is a thing again. Easy schedule the rest of the way, only the Ravens can derail the Ravens and this is one way to do it. Prayers up that this list stays at 3 and (if they're positive) everyone is happy and healthy come January. Otherwise... 

UPDATE: players are not positive, but it was a coach. Fingers crossed the next few days.