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Regular Season Finale! Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams XXXII

Welcome to the final Stool Streams broadcast of 2020. After today, the regular season will be complete, and we will possible have all six playoff teams set in stone. One thing is for sure, we definitely have two play-in games involving Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter. Let's dive into what will be our most dramatic broadcast we've had so far.

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Match 1 - Pressed (3-2) vs. Pubes (3-2)

History: Big Cat 6-3, Rone 5-3, KFC 6-2, Feits 5-7

Storylines: This is a play-in game to determine the final playoff spot in Group B. The winner advances to the postseason, and the loser is eliminated. Big Cat and Rone started off 2-0, but have lost two of their last three since then. On the flip side, Pubes had a slow start at 1-2, but now, both teams control their own destiny. 

Quotes to Remember: "There is zero pressure, because I don’t care. Hank would probably be mad [if he heard that]. I want to win, I won't throw it, but if I lose, it wont affect me." - Big Cat

"I have studied Pressed's game quite a bit, both fast teams, they work the bottom, we just have to beat them to taking the bottom." - Feits

Clinching Scenarios: Winner advances to thee postseason, loser is eliminated

Question 1 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 2 - Total Blocks

Match 2 - Muddah's Wake (2-3) vs. ZARCH (3-2)

History: Balls 4-5, Mush 2-4, Trent 4-5, Robbie 4-5

Storylines: This is the match that could cause pure chaos around the league. If Balls and Mush win, we would have a four-way tie with the entirety of Group A at 3-3. The tiebreaker for that is still to be determined. On the flip side, a ZARCH victory would have them clinch the group and the Purple Hedgehogs would clinch, too. There is expected to be a live audience for this match of people who are directly impacted by the implications of this match.

Quotes to Remember: "This is what you play Jenga for, I want a Jenga off. I want the four-way Jenga off. This is the biggest day possible." - Glenny Balls

"If we lose, we know we send the league into chaos and anarchy, we want to win on behalf of everybody." - Robbie Fox

Clinching Scenarios: If ZARCH wins, they win the group, and Purple Hedgehogs clinch as well. If Muddah's Wake wins, there would bee a four-way tie at 3-3. The tiebreaker for that is TBD.

Question 3 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 4 - Total Blocks

Match 3 - Futból Team (3-2) vs. Rangoon Wranglers (2-3)

History: PFT 5-3, Kelly 3-2, Wonton Don 4-5, Chef Donny 2-4

Storylines: This is our second play-in game of the afternoon. No matter what happens, the winner advances to the postseason and the loser is eliminated. This is a rematch of the longest match ever, where we nearly saw a Futból Team forfeit due to timing issues.

Quotes to Remember: "I won't regret [picking Kelly] it unless she is the one that messes it up." - PFT

"The pressure at an all-time high. I think me and Donny might actually practice before, for the first time all season." - The Wonton Don

Clinching Scenarios: Winner clinches a playoff berth, loser is eliminated

Question 5 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 6 - Total Blocks (Exact Number)

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