Watch These Peruvian Cops Dressed as Santa Claus and an Elf Bust a Drug Ring Right Now

The American police force needs to step its collective game up. You see cops anywhere in America and they all look exactly the same. Turn on ONE video from Peru and they're dressed like they're busting a drug ring on their way to drop off presents to all the children. That's how you do it.

And why were they dressed like that? Just for the hell of it and to "add an element of surprise."

I suppose I would, in fact, be surprised if two dudes dressed as Santa and an elf showed up at my door and threw me to the ground and hauled me off to jail. And what a rough thing for the fella sin the Peruvian jail to find out, too. Getting arrested a week before Christmas by an elf is something that I'd imagine could result in a bit of razzing from the boys in the clink.

Regardless, we need more costumes in American law enforcement. We're getting lapped by the Peruvians in entertaining drug busts.