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Celtics Trade Gerald Wallace To The Warriors For David Lee

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Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers


Great move from the Celtics here. Essentially this was an expiring contract for expiring contract trade between the 2 teams. The Warriors received an extra 4 mil in cap space to pursue other free agents along with Wallace who is a good veteran presence that is ok with a minor playing time. The Celtics, in return for Wallace received  power forward David Lee who before last season, put up 5 consecutive  solid seasons, making 2 all star games, and will be able to make a substantial contribution to this very young Celtics team, unlike Wallace who didn’t do much last season besides be a “good locker room presence”.  Yes it is a bit of a risk picking up the extra 4 million of Lee’s salary and losing the cap room but when the Celtics can’t attract free agents to come to Boston anyway what does it really matter. This is a move that made the Celtics a better team than they were the day before without having to give up to much so I like it.

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PS- Maybe this is looking to far into things but Avery Bradleys jersey is more than 50% off in the team store, is he be the next to get traded?

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