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Chainsaw McMassacre: Chaos At Fast Food Chain As Man Chases Employees, Steals Food While Revving Power Tool

From ABC News:

A man has been arrested after entering a McDonald’s establishment and stealing food before chasing employees with a chainsaw.

The incident occurred at approximately 3:30 p.m. a McDonald’s franchise in Portland, Maine, when the Westbrook Police Department received a report that a male suspect was chasing people with a chainsaw.

According to an investigation by the Westbrook Police Department, the suspect -- 26-year-old Alice Sweet of Portland, Maine -- entered the McDonald’s with a chainsaw and went behind the counter where employees were actively preparing food. Sweet then reportedly revved the chainsaw intermittently before stealing a drink and some food.

“When the manager confronted the suspect in the parking lot, the suspect began chasing the manager with the chainsaw,” authorities said in a statement on social media. “The suspect also used the chainsaw to damage two vehicles that were at the restaurant.”

Ah yes, that classic feeling when all you want is an MnM McFlurry but the soft serve machine is down:

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Naturally, when Westbrook PD updated this story along with Alice Sweet's mugshot on their Facebook page, commenters raced to post the one key joke that needed to be said:

Coming in second, third and fourth were "Alice's Restaurant", "Alice Cooper" and "Boy Named Sue/Boy Named Alice comparison" references. Well done to all. Here's a few other comments I'm including just because: 

Glad to hear no one was hurt, but big-time Ts&Ps to whatever sorry soul wandered into that McDonald's for a quick McChicken on their lunch break from some soul sucking job on a dreary day, only to look out the window & see Mr. Sweet chainsawing the shit out of their Buick bumper. One of those days. 

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