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"I Was Just Training" - James Harden Had An A+ Answer About His Time In Vegas And Atlanta This Offseason

What an answer here by James Harden. I'm sure people will have this reaction towards it

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but I'm not finding the lie. You see James Harden isn't like your average superstar. While they might "train" by going to the facility and lifting weights and then heading to the court to get shots up, that is not how James Harden trains. Him making it rain in the strip club and partying his dick off is how he trains. It's been pretty effective for him too I might add. Guy is an MVP and a walking 35/8/8 without breaking a sweat. 

I would almost be concerned if Harden didn't go to the club before reporting to camp. This is how he powers up. Listen, how many other players can go from the club to dropping 50 on your favorite team? If you ignore all the other bullshit currently going on with Harden and the Rockets, you at least have to respect that. He's this generation's Dennis Rodman. We all loved Rodman during The Last Dance, and that's basically what Harden is doing in 2020. 

At least he finally spoke to the media. It was kind of lame how he avoided it after their game last night. If you're going to pull what he's pulling then you have to face the music. Give an answer like he did today, which technically isn't a lie but is pretty damn funny. 

Something tells me we're only at the beginning of his fiasco, mostly because of things like this

I dunno, seems important for the franchise player and the GM to ya know… as we quickly approach the season.

Either way, as long as Harden produces on the court that's ultimately all that matters. One thing to keep an eye on though is how his production might suffer since players aren't allowed to go to clubs during the season. Especially given how he prefers to "train".