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The Lions Are Fining Their Kick Returner For The Unthinkable Action Of .... Getting Tackled By A Kicker This Past Week

[Source] - “(The lengthy kickoff return)was good to see,” Coombs said Tuesday during a conference call. “I wish we could’ve finished it. Ag will have to put a couple dollars in the swear jar this week. We don’t get tackled by kickers and punters here. He’ll have to pony up there.

Here's the play in question:

That's a brutal beat for Jamal Agnew man. It's not like he got laid out by a kicker. He was toeing the sideline. Plus it was a 75-yard return! That said, I fucking love this idea. I need teams to put fines in for getting tackled by a kicker and let's see who is man enough to run a kicker over or just step out of bounds. Agnew could have done that here with how close he was on the sidelines. Really just need a newer version of Sean Taylor (RIP) to happen because of this

Poor kickers man. They get the same joke that they aren't real football players and then you find out there's a damn fine from a team if you gasp make a football play. That's gotta sting. There's no good way to handle that besides laying the wood on a Lions kick returner now. If I'm a kicker, I'm pooch kicking so I can get some action. 

Point stands, you just can't be tackled by a kicker. It doesn't matter the situation. It doesn't matter the level of play. You need to juke a kicker out of his jockstrap or run him over. Make the kicker make a business decision. How many times do we see kickers (and quarterbacks) take a dive so they don't get their ass handed to them? Real question is how much is this fine? Feel like $1,000 is fair. That won't ruin someone's livelihood and good enough to treat the team to some Detroit style pizza. 

PS: Yeah, I know, this feels like this is a Lions thing. The Lions and Bengals always deliver content.