Cincinnati Is Opening Up Their Own Version Of Bourbon Street And It's A Dream Come True

[WLWT] - Shades of Bourbon Street in New Orleans and Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee — The Banks will soon be offering to-go cups of beer, booze or wine.

Cincinnati is establishing what's known as a "DORA," or "designated outdoor refreshment area. It is aimed at helping restaurants and bars beset by the effects of the pandemic, the limitations of a statewide curfew and the distress of a struggling economy.

You'll be able to pour your beer, booze or wine into a sanctioned to-go cup and go up and down Freedom Way, legally sipping and strolling provided you stay within the designated boundaries. You can do the same from Mehring Way to Second Street, according to a news release provided by The Banks.

Oh hell yeah. Living here is finally paying off. Sure, it's an underrated city that people don't know about. Shit ton of breweries, horse racing, college basketball, pro sports, decent bars and it's all cheap. When I say cheap, I mean it's cheap, that's not an exaggeration. I'm not saying it's NYC or Chicago or anything, but it's an underrated city. 

But now this? Adding their own version of Bourbon Street? Sign my old ass up right this second. The development of The Banks is nothing short of fucking awesome. I'm not even a Reds fan or anything but hanging out down there in the summer before a game is the perfect spot. A ton of bars and good restaurants. Whether it's Tin Roof, Jefferson, Moerlein House or Holy Grail, there are ton of options and it's getting even better. 

We're all adults here. If I want to walk around the riverfront of the little park area with a drink what's stopping me? I'm not hurting anyone. I'm enjoying one of the few things that I enjoy. A nice, delicious drink whenever the hell I want. At the same time it will bring back some nostalgia. If you're in your 30s you know all about hiding vodka or Bacardi O in a Gatorade bottle. It was how we survived trying to drink back in the day. Sneaking alcohol and downloading porn on family computers via Kazaa. 

And now we're going to get that feeling in Cincinnati. Sure, it's just a limited area, but it's a step. It's one of the more fun areas of the city where people always are. If we can add some Bourbon Street to it? I might sell my house and move into an apartment down there. Just don't be a drunken idiot and this should happen everywhere. Oh and guess what? This is going to help all the bars and restaurants at The Banks too. More people getting drinks, more people spending money, more people visiting. Oh my kid wants to go to the park? Perfect. Let me grab a nice cold beer and walk around with you while I have to make small talk with the other parents. 

All I want to do is be able to have a drink wherever, whenever I want at the ripe age of 33. I don't want to be worried about a cop asking me what's in my cup if I'm just going for a stroll. Maybe I had a great night gambling. Maybe Kentucky got a win, so I want to have a little bit of bourbon in my coffee. Sue me. 

Let us drink everywhere in 2021. 

Oh and let Cincinnati turn into this: 

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