Wojtek Wolski Officially Announces Retirement After 15 Pro Seasons On Latest Spittin' Chiclets

This was a definitely a first for the pod. Of the many guests and their various global adventures, I don't think we've ever had a former NHLer officially hang 'em up during their spot on Spittin' Chiclets*. Until Biz Walters put the screws to Wojtek Wolski during Ep. 311. And it was an honor to be a part of. 

Wolski played 15 pro seasons and battled back from a broken neck to play for his country in the Olympics. This after leaving Poland as a small child, living in Germany as a refugee, then finally settling in Canada. And then becoming a 1st round pick. He's had a quite an interesting life and a career worth shooting the shit about for awhile. And that's before we even mention his "Battle of the Blades" win after never-before donning figure skates. And yes, THE CUTTING EDGE gets a shout-out. #toepick

Enjoy his story as well as the fellas riffin' on everything under the sun on the latest ep...