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Crossfit Bro Needs To Work On His Crossfit



You can’t go back to that gym right? Just forget working out there ever again. Go to the locker room, pack up your shit and never come back. And I’m not even talking about the failed box jump, that was embarrassing but everyone slips now and then. I’m talking about the fact that you had a bunch of black guys watching and then you got the black guy “I’m laughing and talking and I can’t breath” voice and it’s curtains. You are a walking unathletic stereotype man. That was your one shot and you blew it. You could have been part of a sweet ass gym crew and now you’re the white dude that fell. Find a new gym and try again with some other black guys because this shit is over.





Here’s an unpopular opinion. I still maintain Crossfit is awesome, people who talk about it constantly and try to convert everyone are the worst, but the actual workouts are better than any workout you could ever get at a random gym. At least they were back when I used to work out, however long ago that was.