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Watch the Most Pissed Off Giraffe You've Ever Seen Chase These Safari-Goers Like They Stole Something

A safari is definitely not my type of vacation, but if you had asked me before today one animal I'd at least not mind seeing were I to go on one, I'd have said a giraffe. Even though they're 20 feet tall or whatever, they just seemed like a cool group. Nope. Not even a little bit.

I don't know what these people did to bother this fella, but he decided he was going to let them know they are no longer welcome on his terrain. And I don't know exactly what this giraffe would do — do they bite? I honestly have no idea — but just having something that massive match your ATV stride for stride through the jungle looks pretty terrifying. He's just jogging along, letting these fuckers know he could wreck their shit any any moment.

But for anybody crazy enough to go wandering into the jungle and call it a vacation probably wanted something like this all along. Disney World is a vacation. The beach is a vacation. Heading on a guided tour of the habitats of some of the most dangerous animals on Earth is a death wish. You're lucky to get out of there just being chased by a giraffe and not ripped into a thousand pieces by a lion.

You will never catch me being chased by a pissed off giraffe. They are now on the list.