Was Lamar Jackson on the Toilet During MNF? Ravens QB Trace McSorley Gives Us His Perspective

On today's Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on another quarterback to the show. Trace McSorley of the Baltimore Ravens joined the show to discuss Monday night's classic game, Penn State football, Tik Tok, and more. One of the major storylines from the BAL-CLE game this week was Lamar Jackson's trip to the locker room in the second half. Were the rumors of him going to the bathroom true? McSorley gives his thoughts:

Mr. Cat: Alright, so you're in the trust tree. You can speak freely. Tell us the truth - Lamar was pooping.

Trace McSorley: No he wasn't, it was cramps. He wasn't pooping.

Mr. Cat: Well, cramps... the stomach?

Trace McSorley: He said his forearm was cramping, and that run that everyone saw, where it looked like a poop run to the locker room, it was like his calf or something was cramping. So, he's trying to like not get it to lock up on him. 

Mr. Commenter: Uh huh...

Mr. Cat: You're a great backup quarterback, that's a great teammate. That's smart, Trace just winked at us, so you know the truth. He's doing a motion, like a wiping his butt motion. So, he's clear that, yup, OK, we got it. We'll stop talking about it. 

Trace McSorley: Hilarious, though. Like after the game, the internet, they were all over it, it was so funny. 

Mr. Commenter: I don't know what it says about us just as a society or as an online group of people that everybody just assumes, like Lamar was back there just crapping his brains out and that's what was happening. But we all just kind of ran with it. Let me ask this in a different way. When you went back to the locker room after your knee got tweaked a little bit, how many candles were lit in the locker room?

Mr. Cat: Febreeze?

Mr. Commenter: What did the locker room smell like?

Trace McSorley: See, they do always have candles lit by the stalls, so I can't tell if they were newly lit ones, but they do always got candles lit by the stalls in the locker room.

The investigation continues. Since the Ravens won the game, I feel like that gives Jackson, McSorley, and the Ravens the chance to lean into this a little bit more. It's all in good fun.